Cancellation of Professional Liability Insurance by Pinkham

     In late November, a member sent an email to inform me that Pinkham Insurance had advised him they had discontinued offering professional liability insurance to ACR Members.  Attempts to obtain additional information from Pinkham’s representative have been unsuccessful.  In addition, while some members are being told the services have been discontinued, others have been informed that it would still be available, but through another underwriter.  In such cases the new rate quoted was much greater than the present one.


     We are currently working with Complete Equity Markets to provide the same product provided by Pinkham.  We hope to have this process completed by March/April.  If you need to renew now, please contact Katilyn Hassell at Complete Equity Market at 800-323-6234 and tell her you are an ACR member.  If you are not satisfied with the response or level of service, please call me at 202.780.5999 or send me an email at


I regret the inconvenience.  


All the best, 

Cheryl L. Jamison
Executive Director