ACR Diversity & Equity Policy

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) is committed to diversity and equity in its membership, structure, and organizational work. A culturally diverse organization is one that recognizes, supports, values, and utilizes people's differences and similarities in support of the organization's goals and objectives. Equity means recognizing and working to eliminate injustices in access, process, and consequences of ACR’s efforts to strive to meet the needs of diverse members and stakeholders.


ACR seeks to encourage and promote participation, accessibility, active representation, and leadership from diverse populations including, but not limited to, races, ethnicities, national origins, languages, genders, sexual orientation, economic statuses, school or organizational locations, physical abilities, ages, religions, educational types or levels, and perspectives. Further, ACR actively implements equity and affirms diversity in its work, including its publications and standards, and in its board, staff, programs, chapters, sections, and committees.


In order to promote diversity and equity in ACR and the conflict resolution field, on-going self-examination is essential. We are committed to discussing and implementing fairness and openness in our values, procedures, conceptual frameworks, and structures. All persons participating in ACR programs and activities are a part of this endeavor.