The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR)

A professional organization dedicated to enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution.  ACR gives voice to the choices for quality conflict resolution.

Conference Registration to open in May.


Dear ACR Members,

The ACR Board is designating February as “Volunteer Month”.  Over the next several weeks we will highlight various opportunities for you to get involved and get more out of your membership.  Some projects are short term and specific; others are ongoing.  We are looking for volunteers to assist with a new Conflict Resolution Day Event, writing a grant and the 2018 Annual Conference.  

If you are seeking a way to get more out of your ACR membership, I encourage you to consider volunteering in a capacity that reflects your talents and interests.

An altruistic gesture can easily turn into a catalyst for career growth.  To see volunteer opportunities, click here

All the best,

Sunny Sassaman Gutierrez
ACR President




The Digital Face of ACR is About to Change


One of the goals of the ACR Board of Directors, Executive Director and staff is to improve the quality of the services ACR members receive as member benefits.  An area that has received attention, both good and not to go is the ACR Website.  I am pleased to announce that the website, is currently undergoing a major transformation. 


Soon members and visitors to the ACR website will experience a new and more responsive way to update your profile, register for events such as the conference and webinars, renew your membership and more.  Those visiting the site will find it easier to find ARC members in the directory and other useful information.  Over the next several months new features will be rolling out. 


As we move to this important milestone, you may receive a request to test the system and help us work any bugs before launch. Please respond and participate.  After the launch, if you find things are not working correctly, please let me know. 


I am excited about this new website and how it will improve the quality of the services we provide as well as your experience.


With much anticipation,

Cheryl L. Jamison

Executive Director, ACR







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