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Marvin E. Johnson Diversity and Equity Award

The Marvin E. Johnson Diversity and Equity Award honors Marvin E. Johnson, a long-time SPIDR and ACR Board member and champion of diversity and equity within both organizations, as well as throughout the dispute resolution field. This award may be presented to an individual or an organization.

Nominee Requirements

The nominee must have: (1) contributed to bridging the divides between groups of people or (2) have successfully created opportunities for expanding diversity and equity within an area of specialty, a community or beyond. The nominee also must have demonstrated: (1) a sustained, outstanding contribution, or a specific extraordinary achievement that has enhanced diversity and equity within an area of society or (2) dedicated leadership, compassion and passionate advocacy that has contributed to removing barriers or obstacle to full and equal participation at various levels of society.


Who Selects the Award Recipient?

A four member Selection Committee is currently chaired by Marvin E. Johnson. The members of the Committee are currently selected by Marvin E. Johnson and appointed by the ACR President. The members, who must have show commitment to diversity and equity leadership in ACR and the ADR field, serve for a staggered five-year term.

The Nominations Process

The Selection Committee is constantly looking for and investigating deserving candidates. To that end, nominations (no self-nominations) are accepted throughout the year. Nominations must be accompanied by a detailed description of how the nominee meets the criteria for the award. It is expected, but not required, that the award will be presented annually, with the Selection Committee typically deciding on the Awardee in December or January and the Award being presented at ACR’s next Annual Conference. Nominations should be addressed to the ACR staff person designated below.

Past Recipients:

         2009: Reverend Nelson Johnson and Joyce Johnson
         2008: Reverend Mpho Tutu